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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a five-year plan dedicated to improving an aspect of student learning or the environment for student success. The QEP permits Emory to thoroughly examine all aspects of student learning and the support of student learning. This deep introspection then serves as the basis for developing a Quality Enhancement Plan that outlines actions to be taken to improve the quality of education at Emory.

Goal: The goal of the QEP is to empower students as independent scholars and collaborative thinkers capable of supporting arguments with different types of evidence.

In Fall 2011, the QEP Planning Committee solicited possible topics from all Emory constituencies. After deliberation, the committee chose four topics (Primary Evidence and Original Thought, World View, Sustainability: Transforming Society by Preparing Leaders for a Sustainable Future, and Engaged Scholarship, Learning and Services) that were presented to the community via e-mails, a campus website and in town hall discussions. The QEP topic, Primary Evidence,  was chosen based upon a thorough examination of data regarding student learning, student engagement, employer surveys, alumni surveys, focus groups, meetings with academic departments across campus, and structured interviews.

The QEP topic for Emory University is now called The Nature of Evidence.

The QEP focuses on different components of the first year experience on Emory's main campus. The QEP has developed three components designed to engage students before they arrive on campus and inside and out of the classroom:



Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to: